New Products

Premier AX Adjustable Inserts

simturn AX
Length Adjustable Boring Inserts for Internal Applications

From ø4.7mm minimum bore diameter
Useable length from 13mm - 48mm

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Premier PX Adjustable Length Tools

simturn PX
Length Adjustable Toolholders for Internal Applications

For PX inserts from ø10.5mm minimum bore diameter
Useable length from 31mm - 87.5mm

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Premier Q63 Disc Mills

Disc Milling

ø50mm & ø63mm Disc Mills
Up to 15mm depth of cut
From 2mm to 10mm wide with 7x7 or 9x9 alternating teeth

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Premier 9W4

Groove Milling System

ø50mm cutting diameter 
Up to 16.5mm depth of cut 
0.5mm and 1.0mm wide inserts with 12 teeth
1.5mm to 6mm wide inserts with 6x6 alternating teeth 

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Premier T-slot & Dovetail Cutters

Kaestner MS
Solid Carbide T-slot & Dovetail Milling System

T-slot cutters from 2mm to 14mm wide
Multi-tooth dovetail cutters from ø12mm to ø38mm
Internal and external dovetail options with 45° and 60° angles

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Premier Torx Slotting

Torx Type Slotting Tools

D14 Slotting inserts for T30, T25, T20, & T15 screw heads

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Premier MTM Cutter

Solid Carbide Thread Milling

The latest addition to the MTM range is a ø12mm shank Internal 2mm pitch version with 35mm reach and suitable for M14 x 2 ISO threads
Part No: THN12 A119 2.0ISO X35 Grade RS21

simturnDX Length Adjustable Boring Bars

simturn DX
Length Adjustable Toolholders for Internal Applications

For D10 inserts - Useable length from 31mm - 87.5mm
For D14 inserts - Useable length from 42mm - 124mm

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simmill PMX
Groove Milling System

Groove milling from ø7mm minimum bore diameter

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Premier Spot Drills

Spot Drills & Chamfer Cutters

Available in 60°, 90° and 120° variants

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